Artisan metal processing
Petr Nádvorník


Manufacture of plate armour using the original historical methods


Manufacture of exterior / interior accessories made from stainless steel and valuable metals


Manufacture of exterior / interior accessories made from metal


Since setting up my own business, I have closely worked with another armour smith, Mr.Petr Brožek. We have joined efforts at making plate armours for customers in the Czech Republic and abroad. Our work and products are sold in Belgium, France, Italy and Switzerland, and are displayed in both private and museum collections. Our work appears in the following collections:

Galleria degli Estensi (Modena), Castel Stenico (Trento), Museo di Monteriggioni, Palazzo Minucci Solain (Volterra).

Owing to foreign contract work, we have been able to gather a great deal of useful expertise to inform armoursmithing production.