Artisan metal processing
Petr Nádvorník


Manufacture of plate armour using the original historical methods


Manufacture of exterior / interior accessories made from stainless steel and valuable metals


Manufacture of exterior / interior accessories made from metal

Technology and materials

In our workshop, the operating procedures in each craft branch are followed closely not only to deliver quality work, but also to preserve the original historical methods.

These rules apply chiefly to the craft of armoursmithing. During armoursmithing production we do not use modern technologies and procedures like welding and moulding. For making armour, we use mainly carbon steels which can be further on heat-treated and refined.

Carbon steel is processed during forging for making wood-hold weapons like halberds, gisarmes and langdebeves. No modern way of metal processing is used with these weapons.

In blacksmithing, we apply traditional blacksmithing technologies combined with modern ways of processing. For making interior and exterior accessories, common structural steel is used.

Metalworking, as the youngest of the crafts, trades on the widest range of technologies used. From metal-hammering to minting to engineering (lathing, bending, laser / waterjet cutting) to modern welding technologies (WIG"TIG"-AC/DC) and material surface finishing (polishing, patining, galvanizing).

Currently we are processing mainly rustproof materials and valuable metals, like copper, brass and aluminum alloys.