Artisan metal processing
Petr Nádvorník


Manufacture of plate armour using the original historical methods


Manufacture of exterior / interior accessories made from stainless steel and valuable metals


Manufacture of exterior / interior accessories made from metal


In 2000 I graduated from a Prague´s Vocational School of Arts and Trades, majoring in artisan metalworking. I have been permanently pursuing this profession ever since. In 2002, I started my own business. This enabled me to broaden and develop my craft skills in other metal manufacturing branches - chiefly in metalworking and blacksmithing.

With every new order I employ the experience that I have developed over the years - in terms of functionality, aesthetics and workmanship. This is all aimed at producing an excellent result for the customer as well as a personal feeling of a craftsman's job well done and a piece of work that will be seen by generations to come.